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Joey Sturgis of Foundation Recording Studio

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Chapter 34: "Somebody's Gonna Eat Your Lunch" read by Joey Sturgis (Award winning metal producer, Foundation Recording Studio)

Episode Notes

Award winning metal producer Joey Sturgis talks about coffee. Yeah he opens with coffee! Joey discusses his humble beginnings and tracking down The Devil Wears Prada for his early gigs. His discography includes pretty much everybody who's put out a metal album since 2008. There is some inspiring stuff in here. Joey gives a lot of perspective about what he believes the future of the music business will entail, which includes Apple Music and signing youtube artists. But in the end, Joey Sturgis is just a waiter.

Stephen and Trav open up with a funny story about Trav embarrassing himself at work due to this podcast. It is "last call" on the upcoming Timothy Henderson Warlord comp. We introduce a new band called "The Wolf And The Epitaph" from Canada. So much metal up in this. Peace.

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